A Top Pick For Geologists And Explorers: Thuraya SO2510 Satellite Phone

A Top Pick For Geologists And Explorers: Thuraya SO2510 Satellite Phone

- 02-Jun-2021

For geologists and explorers everywhere and especially those in places like the Great Outback, it’s important to have a satellite phone to use. More than anything this is for protection in case something was to happen. You would need to have a way of contacting someone to get help and the Thuraya S02510 satellite phone is the perfect example of what type of satellite phone you should have to rely on. Regular mobile phones won’t always work and not at all when you’re too far away from any remote mobile phone towers.

The Thuraya S02510 Satellite Phone

There are a few details on the Thuraya S02510 you should be aware of before using it. This way you will find it easy to use and won’t have so many problems with it. For one thing the Thuraya S02150 satellite phone can either be used with a SIM card that comes in the phone or with your own. For instance if you have a SIM card with contacts or other important information stored on it, it may be a lot easier for you to just replace the existing card with your own.

Keep in mind that when you’re using a satellite phone such as this, typically you will need to wait about ten to fifteen seconds before the call will go through. So if you can hear the person on the other end but they’re not responding to you, don’t be surprised. It takes a bit of time for the satellite phone to work. It’s also important if you are going to be receiving calls to this phone that you tell others that there is likely to be the same length of pause on their end of the phone when they’re calling out to you.

If you’re out working in the mines or going on explorations it’s always best to take some time and familiarize yourself with the phone first. Practice making and receiving calls a few times so you can get a better idea how the phone works. You must always add a country-code when using the Thuraya S02510 satellite phone. 

To start you need to turn on the phone and to do this you just press the red key and wait for confirmation telling you that the phone has found a satellite network. This can take some time because satellite phones respond slower than regular mobile phones so keep this in mind. One tip to remember is that if the phone doesn’t lock onto the satellite and it has been over thirty seconds, chances are that the phone has either not been used for a long time or you are so far away that you need to reregister the unit.

The Thuraya S02510 phone is definitely a top choice and is a satellite phone that you can feel safe and rely on. Whether you’re deep in a mine, a geologist in a remote location or have any other purpose for it, if you need a satellite phone this satellite phone would make an ideal choice.

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