Benefits of choosing Rent A Satellite Phone

Benefits of choosing Rent A Satellite Phone

Steve Wall - 05-Sep-2013

We understand that there are other companies out there all fighting for your business so we do our best to make sure you always come back to rent from us.

Some of the immediate benefits are just in the way we do business. Many companies have minimum durations for their rentals, we don't feel this is fair so we work on a per day rental basis. We also understand that plans can change and your 10 day project gets blown out to 15 days, We don't charge penalty rates if the phone doesn't come back on time, we just continue at the applicable daily rate (and it could even get cheaper if you reach a price break).

We also give bonuses for longer rentals, not only in cheaper rates but also if your booking is over a month in duration we will throw in free shipping. This could save you $50+ depending on where you are based. Also in terms of delivering the phones we only charge you from the day you book the phone till the day we receive the phone back so you don't have to pay for the time the phone is with the courier to you. 

We also want to make sure the phone arrives well before the date you leave, how we do this is by using premium courier services that have set delivery time frames. So if you need the phone to arrive on Thursday and you are in a 2 day courier zone we will send the phone 3 business days prior to your rental so we have the extra day buffer in the event the courier is delayed. 

We also supply everything you need as standard. If you rent an Iridium 9555 you will receive the phone, wall charger, car charger, antenna adapter and the standard external antenna. This means there is no hidden charges and you can use the phone as you would expect to.

The rental phones are also kept safe in Pelican 1150 or 1200 shock/water proof cases. This means you don't need to worry about the phone being damaged while its in transit or not in use. this also keeps them in the best possible condition so they last longer, but we still make sure we don't have any old handsets in the rental fleet by selling them off after a year or so. This means you always have the latests possible equipment.

Lastly the main reason to hire from us is our dedication to service. If you need anything satellite related we will do whatever it takes to make sure you get it and it works perfectly for you. All you need to do is call us on 1300 851 591 and we will make sure all your requirements are met in the best possible way.

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