BGAN High Data Rate unit launching this week

BGAN High Data Rate unit launching this week

Steve Wall - 12-Sep-2013

Inmarsat have just launched the new BGAN HDR service this week at the NAB show in Las Vegas. what these acronyms mean is that there is a new High Data Rate service available for the Broadband Global Area Network. This offers streaming speeds of up to 650kbps which is perfect for media outlets requiring High definition video streaming services in areas without the reliance on local infrastructure. 

This service is currently only available through the new Explorer 710 unit released by Cobram (the new owner of Thrane & Thrane). This is a nice compact unit looking very similar in appearance to the explorer 700 just a little smaller. The other major advantage of the unit is that they can be "Bonded" together to offer IP streaming rates of 1MBPS or even higher. This gives speeds comparable to much larger and more labour intensive VSAT systems.

This new service really is a massive leap forward in technology, now its just a matter of it being used effectively.

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