Charging an iridium 9575

Charging an iridium 9575

Steve Wall - 30-Oct-2013
There are a few things you should be aware of when charging your new iridium 9575 so we have put together a few things to note for your first charge of the phone.

The first thing you will need to do is take the phone out of its leather holster. Although it can be charged while still in the holster it can put added pressure on the components and potentially cause a break. 

If its the first use of the phone you will also need to ensure the battery is inserted correctly. Due to the water protection of the phone you need to ensure a seal is created when putting the battery in, this is done by just applying some extra pressure into the middle of the battery.

It then time to attach the adapter. There are two types of adapters that come with the phone, a charging adapter and a antenna adapter. both will allow the phone to be charged but if you are not using the antenna the best practice would be to just use the charging adapter. To connect the charger you will need to remove the rubber plug at the base of the phone and clip it back to the open position. You then pinch the sides of the plug and insert it into the base of the phone. it should clip in and make a stable connection.

The next step is to put together the charger. you will need to find the correct plug for your region and then connect it to the charging adapter. this can only slide into the one place but ensure the pins are lined up when connecting. the last little bit can be tight so if the top of the plug is not lining up with the top of the charge push a little harder to make sure it has a good connection. Then plug the charger into the wall and the other end into the charging adapter. 

If you are using the car charger please note that there is only one contact on the side of the charger so depending on your vehicle you may need to rotate the charger slightly in the socket and ensure the light is glowing on the plug.

Once the phone is connected to the charger there will be a little charging indicator in the top right of the screen. once the charging indicator remains solid it means the quick charge is complete however for the initial charge it is recommended to leave the phone charging overnight to ensure best performance.

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