Checking your prepaid balance on an Inmarsat ISatPone Pro

Checking your prepaid balance on an Inmarsat ISatPone Pro

Steve Wall - 11-Sep-2013

Although when renting from Rent A Sat Phone the airtime is included in your rental so you dont need to worry about prepaid credit. We do sell the satellite phones as well and with the ISatPhone Pro it can be very cost effective choosing a prepaid setup.

In this situation there are a few ways to check your prepaid balance. The first thing to do is to go outside and turn the phone on. After it has registered on the network you have two ways to check the balance.

The first is through the menu system. Press the "Menu" soft key, this will bring up 9 icons, scroll down two to "Settings". Once in the settings menu scroll down to "Prepay" press the middle button and then press it again on "Balance Enquiry" to show your current balance.

The second option is to dial a short-cut number and the phone will display the balance and expiry date on the screen. The number to dial is *106# then press the call button.

If you are running low on credit please call our sales line on 1300 197 600 to top up your credit.

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