Conditions for using a Satellite Phone

Conditions for using a Satellite Phone

Steve Wall - 30-Aug-2013
Many people are concerned over exactly when they can use their satellite phone due to some key words that have to be said in the satellite world - "clear line of sight to the satellite"

Now what exactly does this mean? Essentially if your satellite phone can’t get a clear view of the sky to see the satellite it won’t work. But don’t stress, as long as your outside it will most likely work. The reason we have to say this is to make sure your get the best results when using the satellite phone.

Now standing next to a single tree is unlikely to cause much of a problem at all however if you are in a dense forest you may need to make your way to a clearing to get a better signal. If there is a little bit of cloud cover your not going to have any issues but if there is a sever electrical storm it could interfere with the call quality. Also just the basic notion it wont work when your inside is another one, inside a building it shouldn’t work but there are exceptions such as inside a tent/marquee you will most likely get coverage, it depends on the material that’s blocking the signal.
What does this all mean? Essentially because we cant be there in every situation we have to assume you are in the worst case scenario so we say these things to make sure you know what to look for in the unlikely event that your satellite phone isn’t getting a signal. 

Don’t worry all your satellite equipment provided by Rent A Satellite Phone has global coverage so as long as your outside it will work. We also have solutions for you if you do need it to work inside.

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