Emergency Aid for the Philippines

Emergency Aid for the Philippines

Steve Wall - 14-Nov-2013
To assist emergency response and volunteer agencies working in the Philippines Rent A Satellite Phone and Satellite Phone Sales

have arranged priority shipping agreements to help get Satellite phones to the people that need them in the Philippines.

The devastation in the Philippines has left everyone wanting to help out but many agencies were unprepared and didn't have time to get satellite phones before they left so we have organised an agreement with the couriers to help get communications over there within a few days.

We also have plenty of phones charged up ready to go so if you are still on your way get in contact with us now so you can make sure you are able to maintain communication when you get to the devastated areas.

We support your dedication to assist the people of the Philippines in this time of need. So please ensure you have your emergency communications taken care of.

We also have Satellite Internet units available as well if you need to maintain internet connection or do streaming interviews with media outlets.

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