Emergency Calling from the ISatPhone Pro

Emergency Calling from the ISatPhone Pro

Steve Wall - 13-Sep-2013

Ever since the IsatPhone Pro was Launched back in 2010 it was always burdened with the fact that it did not have the ability to dial the standard emergency numbers of 000 or 112. To serve our customers better we did create a divert service and program it into the phones but this meant the customer still had to have credit on their phone to call emergency services.

However as of 1st of July 2013 ACMA the Australian Communications Regulator has forced Inmarsat to provide this service as standard on their ISatPhone Pro handsets. This means that as of the 1st of July all ISatPhone Pro handsets can call emergency services without credit on their handsets.

The only requirement for customers is to ensure they have the latest firmware version on the phone. This version is V5.3.0 to check your phones firmware version press the menu soft key, scroll down to "settings" then scroll down to "about" 

If your phone requires the firmware to be updated please see our ISatphone Pro Firmware update blog.

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