How to use an ISatPhone Pro Satellite Phone

How to use an ISatPhone Pro Satellite Phone

Steve Wall - 03-Sep-2013

The ISatPhone Pro is a great handset but if you have never used one before there are a few things to be aware off.

Firstly, turning the phone on. It may sound simple but its not absolutely obvious with the ISatPhone Pro. What you need to do is hold the red button on the surface of the phone for about 5 second. This will start the power up sequence and the screen will light up.

You will then need to make sure you are outside with a clear line of sight to the satellite (within Australia the satellite you will be using is on the equator above the Queensland/Northern Territory boarder). You will then need to extend the antenna out of the phone so it is pointing up or angle it slightly towards the satellite if you are in the very southern areas of Australia.

You will then see the signal strength in the top left corner of the screen and a little red icon in the top right of the screen. The little red icon is to show you do not have a GPS location, this is required for the phone to register on the network so give it a few seconds and it will either disappear or the gps tracker will show up on the screen to help you get the best gps lock. 

Once the red icon disappears and the signal goes up the phone will start to register on the satellite system. Once this is complete the phone will beep and the screen will show "Ready for Service". This means you are ready to make a call.

To do this you need to make sure you dial correctly. The phone is on a global satellite system so you need to dial in the correct global format. this is as follows, 00 61 (for Australia) then the state code 8 for WA/SA/NT, 2 for NSW, 3 for Vic, and 7 for QLD then you would dial the 8 digit phone number. So to call a Perth number 9315 3099 you would need to dial 0061893153099. If calling a mobile number its very similar but you just dial the 0061 for australia then drop the 0 off the front of the mobile number, ie - to call 0400997561 you would dial 0061400997561. Then press the green button to call. 

Please note the dial tone may be different to what you are used to so just let it dial for a little while and hopefully the will pickup shortly.

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