How to work out which Iridium handset you have

How to work out which Iridium handset you have

Steve Wall - 14-Oct-2013

With Iridium they like to make it as difficult as possible to work out what the model number is of your satellite handset so we have this step by step elimination guide to help you work out which model phone you currently have.

1) Does the phone have a plastic cap on the top of the phone with a little red button under it - Yes - model is an iridium 9575 if not,

2) Does the antenna extend out of the top of the phone and have a black button next to it – Yes – model is an iridium 9555
3) Does the antenna clip onto the back of the phone – Yes – 

4) Does it charge with a normal mobile phone style charger (single pin type) – Yes – model is an Iridium 9505a 

-No- then it would charge with a big bulky plastic clip that clips into the bottom of the phone.
5) Does it have a flip down cover to protect the buttons – NO- model is an iridium 9505 
-Yes- model is an Iridium 9500 

if you are still unsure of the model number feel free to call us on 1300 851 591.

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