Inmarsat Set to Boost Global Xpress satellite service

Inmarsat Set to Boost Global Xpress satellite service

Steve Wall - 22-Oct-2013
With an already massive investment into the Global Xpress service, Inmarsat have announced they will be further adding to their new I-5 system a spare satellite to cover future demand and eliminate the possibility of system failures.

The fourth I-5 satellite has been ordered from Boeing and is scheduled for delivery mid 2016. The announcement of the fourth satellite strengthens Inmarsat's commitment to the Global Xpress system and provides proof that the pre sale agreements have been progressing well and ensuring the future viability of this leading technology.

The forth satellite will have the dual purpose of ensuring the systems meets its completion deadline in the unlikely event there is a failure in the launch of one of the required three I-5 satellites to complete the global coverage. In the event all goes well the forth satellite will be used to further strengthen the system and relieve demand on the system by providing overlap of the coverage areas of the individual satellites.

The Global Xpress system is due for full global coverage by the end of 2014 and will have many people anxious to be the first on the system offering global coverage for a network offering speeds up to 50Mbps and Inmarsats renowned reliability. 

Stay tuned for further updates on this ground breaking technology.

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