Mine Site Compliance

Mine Site Compliance

Steve Wall - 21-Oct-2013
Most remote mine sites have specific communications requirements. Do you know exactly what's required?

With over 10 years experience supplying to the mining industry and the associated businesses we know what's required. There are many subtle differences between the sites regulations so its always best to speak to us (by calling 1300 851 591) and run us though the exact details of your site visit.

This being said there are some basic minimum requirements. This would be either an Iridium 9555 handset or an Iridium 9575 handset. They would also require an external antenna, although all our Iridium rental kits come with a basic external antenna if you are driving a larger vehicle it is recommended to pay the little extra for an upgraded external antenna which can have up to a 6m antenna cable. This means you can have the phone positioned safely in the vehicle and have the antenna on a nice high position on the truck to give you the best coverage.

If the vehicle is not a hire vehicle then the mine site may have additional requirements these include permanent install docking units or satellite tracking. These options are definitely available through Rent A Satellite Phone however if they require installation then we cant hire the equipment, but we can sell it to you.

Although article has given you the details of a basic kit regulations vary from site to site to your first action should be to consult the documentation provided by the site owner and call us as there are many different variations and different networks available so there could be a better fit to your requirements. 

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