Sat Phones For School Camps

Sat Phones For School Camps

- 27-May-2021

According to the law in Australia, all school camps have to carry an effective means of communication and the satellite phone is one very effective device that the law advocates for. This is to ensure that the children who go for the camp are safe and their supervisors are able to get help in case of an emergency. In addition, the sat phones can be used to ask for aids and supplies to be replenished in case of anything. This law was implemented because parents rely on teachers and supervisors to take care of their children during school camps and they want to ensure that all communication channels are available for their children while at camp. Supervisors should ensure that they keep either the parents or school administration informed of their whereabouts and their status at certain intervals. This will eradicate any fear or worry on the parents’ part. The sat phones are available for purchase in many different places and in almost all stores that stock camping gear.

Another reason why the law requires all school camp events to have a satellite phone is because communication is not deterred by regular terrestrial network connections. This therefore means that there will be guaranteed communication regardless of the camp location. The law requires that children be safeguarded and their security treated with priority. This includes proper communication that is not only limited to satellite phones but also can include the use of UHF radio systems, land lines as well as regular mobile phones. The type of communication system or device to use is determined by the location of the camp and the available communication channels and networks available at the location. In addition to that, all school camps are required to have an effective means of transportation so that they can transport the campers quickly in case of an emergency.

Other than sat phones, the law also requires that school camps be equipped with locater beacons in case the satellite phones do not work. However, satellite phones should be able to work at all times unless they have low battery power. Therefore, school camp supervisors should ensure that they carry spare batteries to ensure that they have standby communication at all times. Mobile phones can also be carried but supervisors should understand that the coverage of most mobile phone companies is very limited and sometimes unreliable especially if the camp site is not at a high point. Other than that, school campers should carry with them other safety equipment such as first aid kits and regular over the counter medication that does not need any doctor’s prescription. In addition, at least one of the supervisors should be certified to administer first aid to ensure that campers are at least taken off the danger zone. 

Carrying sat phones may be required by the law but it is important to ensure that they are used appropriately. This means that if the campers are required to make call-ins at certain intervals, they should ensure that they do so. The campers should also be supervised in groups by an adult supervisor for each group.

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