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Sending or recieving an email on an ISatPhone Pro

Steve Wall - Thursday, October 17, 2013
Sending emails to and from your ISatphone pro can make life a lot easier than having to setup your computer just to check a few messages.

You can create a text message and send it to an email address and it will display as “your phone number” eg. As the message is still technically a sms message it is limited to 1600 Latin Characters (for billing purposes please note a new text charge will apply for each 160 characters ie 1 email consisting of 1600 characters will be sent as 10 text messages of 160 characters that all get arranged into one email on the receivers computer), this does include the email address you are sending to as well. To send the message select Menu > Messaging > New Message > Email message. At this point you will need to compose the message, once you have completed the message scroll up to the recipient field, you can either add a contact from your phone book (note: only contacts with an email address will be displayed) or you can type in the recipients email address (use the * key to bring up characters such as @). When you move the cursor away from the recipient field the phone will check if its a valid email address and bring up an error message if its not. Press send when you have completed the process.

When you receive a email message the phone will display the message icon, to read the message select Menu > Messaging > Inbox. Or if the new message popup is still on the screen just press the middle navigation key. You can only receive emails up to 160 characters long and after this the message will be truncated so ensure you are concise when sending emails through or alternatively use the online portal  to send a text message to the phone free of charge which has a counter to let you know how many characters you have left.
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