Special School Rates

Special School Rates

Steve Wall - 30-Aug-2013
We at Rent A Satellite Phone understand how important it is to have a satellite phone with you when travelling into remote areas. We also understand that budgets can be incredibly tight at times, particularly when it comes to Schools and sponsored events. This is why we have special rates setup to help those that need it the most. Particularly for schools that have a legal requirement to ensure communications when taking kids on a school camp.

What we offer is a discounted rate of $14.40 per day for the ISatPhone Pro or $16.80 per day for the Iridium 9555. You will still need to pay for calls made from the handset at the standard rates which are $1.50 per 30 seconds for most calls.
The ISatPhone Pro would be your best option if you are hiking or riding so size and battery life are important. This is because the ISatPhone Pro comes in a smaller kit that doesn’t include the external antenna and the battery is optimised to be very efficient when you are not on a call.

The Iridium is a slightly more desirable option if you need to be able to receive calls as much as possible. The reason behind this is that it comes with an external antenna that you can use while driving to help keep the clear line of sight to the satellite that is required when using the satellite phones.

In regards to sponsorship’s we do like to help wherever possible but with the number of requests we get it is just not possible to help everyone out. This is why we offer this school rate to all legitimate sponsorship requests where you are attempting a journey to a remote area and profits go to a legitimate charity.

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