Storing contacts on your iridium 9555 handset

Storing contacts on your iridium 9555 handset

Steve Wall - 27-Sep-2013

There are a couple of ways you can store your contacts on an Iridium 9555 handset. The first is through normal manual entry however there is a simpler way if you have multiple handsets to setup.

The manual method is to press the "Menu" softkey then select "My Phonebook" and then "Options" and "New Entry". When you have entered the contact name scroll down and enter the number in any of the phone fields but make sure you enter it in the correct format, the "+" will already be there so just enter the country code (61 for Australia) then the area code if its a land line (8 for WA, NT, or SA) then the number.

To use the automated method it can take a little to setup initially but once done you can transfer multiple numbers in a matter of seconds. 

The first thing you need to do is download a few files that are needed. we have compressed these into the one folder HERE. Once you have extracted these files connect your handset to your computer, your computer will try to find the usb drivers itself but most likely fail, in this situation follow the prompts so you can tell the computer where these drivers are (the folder you just downloaded). Once the drivers are installed you can load the phone book tool. Follow the prompts and when enter the phone numbers as required.

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