Storing contacts in your ISatPhone Pro handset

Storing contacts in your ISatPhone Pro handset

Steve Wall - 27-Sep-2013

If you only have one or two contacts to store on your ISatPhone Pro then its probably easiest to store them manually. This can me done by pressing the "Contacts" soft key then "Phonebook", once here press the "Options" soft key and select "New Contact", then enter the contacts details as requested.

If you have multiple contacts then its easier to use the ISatPhone Pro contact synchronisation tool. The first thing you need to do is download the ISatPhone pro tools which can be found HERE. You will then need to extract the files and install the USB drivers. Once you have done this run the Contact Synchronisation tools install and follow the prompts.

Once the tool has been installed go to your Start Menu then ISatPhone Pro and finally load the Contact synchronisation tool. plug in your ISatPhone Pro and follow the prompts to synchronise your outlook contacts with your ISatPhone Pro.

PLEASE NOTE: Remember that your ISatPhone pro needs to dial the full global phone number to make a connection. this means that in your outlook contacts you will need peoples numbers to be in the format of +61 8 ..... to call a land line in Western Australia.

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