Support for the NSW rural fire service

Support for the NSW rural fire service

Steve Wall - 28-Oct-2013

Rent A Satellite Phone would like to support any efforts to help raise money for the devastation of the recent fires in NSW. So we would like to share one of our customers efforts to raise some money to aid those in need.

Serge Tseu will be hiking 1000km solo to help raise some funds for the NSW Rural Fire Service. He Will be walking unassisted along the Bibbbulmun from North Banister to Albany in the hopes to raise at least $2000 for the NSW Rural fire services. Normally this would take around 8 weeks but Serge has it in his sights to be completed in the month of November.

The RFS is responsible for the prevention, mitigation and suppression of fires and the protection of life and property.

The Donation page will remain open till early December and you can track Serge's progress through any of the following links.



Donation Page: 

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