Test your satellite phone

Test your satellite phone

Steve Wall - 19-Sep-2013

The Iridium and Inmarsat satellite systems both offer you a free test number to call from your satellite phone. This is a great service that every satellite phone user should use at least once a year to make sure nothing has happened to their satellite phone while its been sitting in the boot of the car.

With the Iridium handsets you will need to go outside with a clear view to the sky and turn on the handset. Once the phone has registered on the network dial 0014807525105. You will here a recorded voice welcoming you to the iridium network. 

With the ISatPhone Pro handsets will will need to again go outside and get a clear line of sight to the satellite. wait for the phone to obtain a gps lock and then register on the network. Once registered dial 00870776999999 and you will hear a voice recording from inmarsat confirming your phone is operational. If you have a prepaid phone service it is also recommended that you also call *106# to check your prepaid credit balance and expiry date.

While you are registered on the satellite system it is also recommended you just call to the satellite phone to make sure it rings and is at a reasonable volume. Be careful though as your phone provider will charge you a call connection fee even if the call diverts to voice mail and depending on your other phone provider it could be expensive.

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