Which phone is right for me?

Which phone is right for me?

Steve Wall - 06-Sep-2013

Since a lot of people have never used a satellite phone before or don't know what the benefits of the different systems are we have made a short guide to help you with your decision.

The is no single "best" satellite phone out there. it comes down to how you intend on using the phone. So here is a quick selection of which handset is best for some situations.

If your just needing the phone as an emergency backup (you calling out) or to make the occasional call home then the ISatPhone Pro is the best phone for you as its a good reliable phone with great battery life and gps coordinates for if there is an emergency.

Are you Hiking, riding a bike, canoeing, or any other activity where size/weight are an issue? then the ISatPhone Pro is the best option again. This is for 2 reason, it comes in a nice compact kit that's smaller than the others, and it has a superior battery life so you can go longer without charging the phone.

If you need to stay in contact as much as possible then the Irdium 9555 is the way to go. It comes with a little magnetic mount antenna so you can maintain as much connection to the satellite system as possible.

If you need the ultimate in durability and coverage then you would want to go with the military grade Iridium 9575. This is IP 65 rated so its the first choice for the defence department and will cope with almost any situation.

If you are needing to keep in contact with your office and customers while in the field and you cant wait till the next town then the BGAN high speed satellite internet units are right for you. These units are perfect for obtaining a satellite connection within seconds of stopping so you can get that critical information through.

For the complete office set-up The Orion re deployable kits offer semi-permanent office grade satellite internet and voice connections. these are large kits though so they are only for your serious site requirements.

Obviously these suggestions don't take every possible situation into consideration so remember you can always discuss your requirements with us on the phone by calling 1300 851 591.

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