Who Uses a Satellite Phone?

Who Uses a Satellite Phone?

- 04-Jun-2021

Having been selling and renting Satellite Phones for over  5 years now,  without doubt the most common question I get at Parties and when I am introduced to someone is “Who Uses Satellite Phones”?

The answer is different to what they expect. My general answer is “Anyone who requires constant or emergency communication where there is no Mobile, cellular or fixed telephone lines.”

And in my opinion that is by definition the real answer , however it usually doesn’t get the reaction they are searching for, so here goes with some general users and why.

We are based in Australia where we have vast distances with no forms of communication so  wisdom would be to carry a Satellite Phone if only for emergencies .

Our largest group of daily and constant users are the mining and oil industries. As you would expect they travel often vast distances into areas that have no existing infrastructure.

So these industries tend to send groups of geologists and other mineral experts to locate and determine the value of mining or drilling within a remote area.

With Health and Safety now becoming a big issue with most major companies it is now imperative that their workforce have communication at all times.

GREY NOMADS are the second largest group of Satellite Phone users. This  has become the most recent increase of users within Australia. 

Grey Nomads is the term we in Australia have given our baby boomers who have chosen to move on from the rat race once they have reached retirement.

With Australia’s  population only 20 million would it surprise you to find that we have 400,000 retirees or “Grey Nomads”  currently travelling, Caravans in tow throughout Australia. 

Well like many countries the terrain can be harsh and rugged and lots of unforeseen incidents do occur. Be it as trivial as flat tyres, no water, no fuel, overheating of the radiator to the not so uncommon, having a collision with a Kangaroo. (This on the face of it would seem quite funny) until you are the one behind the wheel of your car as you hit this six foot creature that can easily way 150 Kilo’s that then falls at 60 kilometres an hour up your hood of the car shattering the windscreen. 

Your 300 Kilometres from the nearest town, and could quite easily be on a dirt road and it may be hours or even days before the next traveller comes past.  It’s at this point that you’d pull out your Satellite Phone and call the emergency services to assist you to become mobile again. 

In the same breath the reality is, that also becoming ill or suffering from an illness whilst travelling is and can also be a common occurrence.

This is certainly not restricted to our grey nomad group. Be it any medical condition, from newborn to the elderly, to a hiker, or cyclists who are suffering heat exhaustion, or lack of water. Having a satellite phone to instantly get your problem or concern through and know its reached the appropriate people who as a result assist you is Priceless.

This I believe is just skimming the surface of who are users are, and I bet as you read this you can think of many others as well. Travel safe

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