KEEPING IN TOUCH - Wherever you are
Renting a Satellite phone has never been easier no matter where you are in Australia.

Latest Update

Welcome back to a new year

After a refreshing Christmas break we are back in the office and looking forward to another great year. If you are wondering how to Hire A Satellite Phone you have come to the write place. We are your home for all your satellite phone requirements so call our friendly staff on 1300 851 591 and they will gladly assist with any of your satellite requirements from renting a satellite phone or purchasing a satellite phone.

If you require any assistance please continue to call us on 1300 851 591 during normal business hours (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm wst) or if the mater is urgent you can call the out of hours support on 0400 997 561. 

School Special Pricing STILL Available

With the need for teachers to always be in contact when taking children on school trips Rent A Satellite Phone has Launched 2 very special School rates. Regardless of how long you require the phones schools now get the special daily rate of $16 per day per phone when renting the Iridium 9555's or an even better $10 per day per phone for the new ISatPhone Pro.

Australasian Safari's

Rent A Satellite Phone is pleased to announce our continued involvement in the Australasian Safari. After another great year the dust is finally settling on the trails of another Australian Safari. Congratulations to all the competitors we hope to see you all again next year for another great event.

 Australasian Safari is Australia’s ULTIMATE off-road adventure as competitors on two and four wheels tackle the remote, rugged and stunning terrain of Western Australia.


Always Here To Help

By simply calling 1300 851 591 you will be in direct contact with one of our qualified advisor's who, having identified your needs will assist you in arranging the correct sat phone and data broadband equipment for your trip whether it be one day or one year.

The need for satellite phones becomes apparent when you need and want to communicate with the office, home or the emergency services in areas where traditional mobile, often known as cell phones or land lines network is simply not available.

Renting a sat phone is no longer a luxury no matter what your trip's purpose, it is a cheap and effective way to stay in touch.

Rent a Sat phone is Australia's largest mobile satellite phone rental supplier, resulting in you always getting the latest up to date and modern equipment to meet your needs. Each phone comes in a water proof pelican protective case allowing for safe transport no matter where you are or what you're doing.













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