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Admin System - 09-Apr-2014
The All New Iridium Go from Iridium. The Iridium Go is Iridium's newest and most exciting satellite connectivity device to date. The iridiumGo allows users to use their own smartphone or ...

How to Hire A Satellite Phone from Rent a Satellite Phone

Steve Wall - 06-Feb-2014
How to Hire A Satellite Phone from Rent a Satellite Phone is simple, you just need to make an online booking on the BOOKING PAGE or call us on 1300 851 591 The booking process is incredibly ...

Enhancements to the BGAN Link service

Steve Wall - 19-Nov-2013
After consultations between Inmarsat and the channel network and the end user there has been significant improvements to the BGAN Link service. This is through the implementation of the "BGAN Link ...

Emergency Aid for the Philippines

Steve Wall - 14-Nov-2013
To assist emergency response and volunteer agencies working in the Philippines Rent A Satellite Phone and Satellite Phone Sales have arranged priority shipping agreements to help get Satellite pho...

Charging an iridium 9575

Steve Wall - 30-Oct-2013
There are a few things you should be aware of when charging your new iridium 9575 so we have put together a few things to note for your first charge of the phone. The first thing you will need to...

Support for the NSW rural fire service

Steve Wall - 28-Oct-2013
Rent A Satellite Phone would like to support any efforts to help raise money for the devastation of the recent fires in NSW. So we would like to share one of our customers efforts to raise some mon...

Sending Twitter messages from an iridium handset

Steve Wall - 25-Oct-2013
You can use your iridium handset to send twitter messages through their sms service. This is how to set it up. You will first need to setup the Twitter account via SMS. The best way to do this is b...

Sending twitter messages from your ISatPhone Pro

Steve Wall - 25-Oct-2013
With the latest update to the ISatPhone pro you are able to update all your twitter followers from the middle of nowhere. To do this you need to have updated your ISatPhone pro's firmware to the l...

Inmarsat Set to Boost Global Xpress satellite service

Steve Wall - 22-Oct-2013
With an already massive investment into the Global Xpress service, Inmarsat have announced they will be further adding to their new I-5 system a spare satellite to cover future demand and eliminate...

Mine Site Compliance

Steve Wall - 21-Oct-2013
Most remote mine sites have specific communications requirements. Do you know exactly what's required? With over 10 years experience supplying to the mining industry and the associated businesses...

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